Nothing puts a smile on our face more than customers giving feedback of how our dehydrators and customer service are having a positive effect on your business and life. Drop us an email if you'd like to give us a review. 

Katrina C.

I used to have to rotate my fruit while dehydrating, it's so nice to not have to do that anymore.

Keith B.

Works as well as they said, if not a little better. A lot faster dry times than my last dehydrator.


Gary P.

Easy to contact a human, not a robot. My Cabelas unit had really cheap trays that I had to rotate for even drying. Not anymore!!!

Aaron F.

Best prices on the market! Free shipping is a HUGE perk! Will be ordering again in the future.


Jennifer A.

Answered all of my questions and were super helpful. My Excalibur unit wasn't big enough and needed an upgrade.

Tracy B.

Really even drying, the consistency and temperature hold is great. Really the consistency I needed for my business. Thanks guys!

Mark C.

Honestly the best customer experience I've ever had. So glad I found you guys and look forward to getting more units off of you in the future.

George S. 

Got to me really quickly for such a large package. Great communication along the way.


Steve J.

Blows my experience with Excalibur out of the water. Was running multiple smaller machines, great to upgrade to a commercial machine

Nancy R.

I decided to step it up a little and ordered through this company. What a breath of fresh air! This beast came packaged in a wooden crate. If you need a real dehydrator this, is your company. It’s not the cheapest because it’s not made cheap.


The representatives were knowledgeable, responded quickly, followed up and the unit was shipped quickly. We have only used it once so far, but it worked really well.


Jill L.

Great dehydrator! Well built, great quality and works like a charm.

Jace P.

Excellent to deal with,great communication, fast response, And the best Dehydrator around thanks, excellent quality nice finish work very well


Just awesome. Timely, effective, and efficient. In an industry where mediocrity runs rampant. Thank you for striving to be great. A grateful, and appreciative Customer.


Bryan B.

Darnell P.


We have only had our new dehydrator for a short time and are very happy with the machine so far. Operation is quite easy and as we dehydrate a variety of proteins clean is a breeze especially compared to our other dryers. We will definitely purchase another in the future when our other dryers go past their use by dates.

They were the most helpful, knowledgable, & friendly representative that I have spoken to in many, many weeks searching for a commercial dehydrator. I would highly recommend your company due to the high quality, reasonable pricing, & remarkable customer service!!!

Robert A.

Scott S.