from a dream to reality...       

Commercial Dehydratrs Australia Almonds

Our story began with the thought of distributing and selling dehydrators as far off the radar as you can possibly go. My business partner and I at the time were running a well known, cold-press, almond milk company. One of our by-products during the production process of cold-pressing almonds was almond pulp and after further processing, almond flour. In order to complete the final stage of processing, we needed a commercial dehydrator to dry out the almond flour completely. So I began looking around the marketplace and could not believe what I found. The commercial food dehydrators we needed had a starting price of close to fifteen thousand dollars!! And on top of that, the companies carrying them were only offering 1-year limited warranties with barely any customer service or ongoing support.

After quite a few months, with tons of research, phone calls and late nights, we were able to find an engineering and manufacturing company that worked with us to build a top-quality dehydrator for a fraction of the retail price. Six months after receiving our first model, the conversation that led us to this very point and time took place. "There must be other businesses out there experiencing the same issue we did," I said to my business partner. He replied, "Well... we could contact the manufacturing company and get them to build us a few more and see if there's a demand."

... and that's how it all began. 


We are so proud to be able to take our journey of struggles and frustration and use it all to help you get a quality product at an appropriate price. We take many steps to ensure you are getting the best deal possible and are constantly working on improving every aspect of our customer experience. It's a pleasure to work with you and I hope that someday I can come to visit your operation and get to see some of the fruits of our labor in action. 

Sean McLellan


Sean | Co-Founder