How to calculate your weight per area:
1. Tape out a 16" x 16" square on your countertop and place your sliced product inside.

2. Once you have filled the space, allowing room for arirflow, weigh the product in lbs.

3. Multiple this number by 0.75 to determine your weight Per Area.
tray area calculation tray area calculation
Comparing US Electricity Prices by State: 2022 vs 2021The US Energy

Information is constantly gathering the latest energy data, and this includes the cost of electricity per kWh by state.

It’s important to note that analyzing all this information takes time, and the latest data published is normally from a few months ago. As of June 2022, the latest kWh prices published by the US EIA are from March 2022, and they are also compared with those from 12 months earlier (March 2021).
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How much does it cost to run a dehydrator?
Running a dehydrator is much cheaper than people realise. Electrical costs are generally the smallest expense in the food production process.
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1 Zone / 16 Tray / 28 sq. ft Tray Area

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