• Pre-programmed default cooking temperatures available for different meats and tastes.
  • Monitor has 5 function keys: “LIGHT” and touch buttons: “▲/M”, “▼/T”, “S/S/” and “MODE”. The sensor has 2 touch buttons: “°C /°F” and “LIGHT”.
  • Alarms, with orange flashing light when target temperature is reached.
  • Dual stainless-steel probe with 1m heat resistant wire
  • °C or °F functionality
  • Blue backlight; press any key to turn ON the blue backlight for 10 seconds.
  • 9:59:59 (h:min:sec) count down timer
  • Wireless transmission up to 25-30 meters in open space
  • Temperature range: 32°F to 482°F (0°C to 250°C). Temperatures lower than this range will cause the unit to display ‘LLL’. Temperatures exceeding this range will cause the unit to display ‘HHH’.
  • Dual probes to test 2 kinds of meats at the same time
  • Time display
  • Magnetic backing or in-built stands for convenient positioning.
  • The thermometer has been pre-programmed with ideal temperature for the taste levels for most types of meat.

Temperature Probe

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